Neighbourhood Houses Gippsland

Who is Neighbourhood Houses Gippsland?

Neighbourhood Houses Gippsland (NHG) are a network of 21 Neighbourhood Houses across regional Gippsland. NHG’s commitment is to support inspire and grow local communities through their Neighbourhood Houses. NHG’s work actively addresses some key challenges in the Gippsland regions including social inclusion, community connections, training and employment pathways and working to bridge care and services gaps to our locals.

Emergency Food Relief

Some Neighbourhood Houses in Gippsland provide support to community members or families who are experiencing hardship and emergency through no fault of their own.

This support is provided in different ways depending on the Neighbourhood House. Some houses run a large program and are registered with Foodbank while others receive donations locally and distribute to their local communities. Check out our Food Relief programs and see what is being offered across the region.

Some Neighbourhood Houses also run a Community lunch program. These usually occur weekly and are run by volunteers. Please check out the Food programs listed on the site.

Whichever Neighbourhood House you attend to receive support please be reassured you will be treated with the utmost respect and kindness. We do not believe anyone should be without healthy food.

Volunteer Image
Volunteer Highlight

Frank (left with his brother Andy) has been a volunteer at Morwell Neighbourhood House for over 10 years!  Always the funny guy, Frank isn’t sure why he volunteers but he reckons it keeps him off the streets.

A decade ago, when Frank was told the Neighbourhood House was looking for a gardener for a couple of hours a week, he wouldn’t have guessed he’d go from gardening to running the odd gardening class, to the vital role of operating the Food Bank stores and logistics (and everything in between).

Franks loves his work because it’s always busy, he meets interesting people and witnesses the amazing members of the community who give time and contributions to the House. When asked how he’d advocate for more volunteers to give their time he said, “It’s not about the money, it’s the entertainment….and there’s lots of it!”. 

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