Neighbourhood Houses Gippsland
Neighbourhood Houses Gippsland held their inaugural sector awards presentation at their AGM in November 2019. The three categories were:

Community Development
Community Resilience
Gender Equity

Community Development

This award is for projects which embrace the sector’s community development principles of; community ownership, community participation, empowerment, access and equity, lifelong learning, inclusion, networking, advocacy, self-help and social action.

The winners were Manna Gum Community House for Toora Bub Hub:

The winning project supports the engagement of disadvantaged and isolated young mothers in a small town in rural Victoria to engage in learning activities whilst providing childcare delivered onsite by qualified educators.

Key outcomes: Young mothers enthusiastically engaged in co-designed, relevant pre-accredited training. children came with them and childcare was provided on site and within the same space.
Mothers feel a sense of ownership over the program and are keen to promote it within the local community.

Community Resilience

This award is for Neighbourhood Houses who have demonstrated great examples of community resilience Community resilience is how a community has responds to an adverse situation. These situations could include:

natural disasters such as bush fires, floods, heatwaves
spike in crime
spike in unemployment due to factory closures
any other events that could impact the health and wellbeing of a community

Community Resilience Award winner Morwell Neighbourhood House for Building Resilience Communities, Responding to disasters

Morwell Neighbourhood House see their role as providing spaces, and opportunities for conversations, and information dissemination. This enables the community, particularly those members of the community whose voices are less often heard in policy, and government spaces, to decide what options it wants to support, or oppose and the direction it wants for the future. MNH believes its role is not to tell the community but to provide it with access to information, stakeholders and decision-makers.

Gender Equity

This award is for projects which meet one or more of the following:

promote participation, support and opportunities for girls and woman
are inclusive and celebrate the diversity of girls and woman
involve men to break down the barriers that create gender inequities
support families and/or individuals where domestic violence is occurring

Gender Equity Award Winner Churchill Neighbourhood Centre for Girls Going Great

This project showcased local women working in non-stereotypical roles to an audience of female students from Kurnai College. Partnership were formed with local companies to provide mentors and Churchill coordinated and facilitated a supportive and empowering event where students were able to hear and learn from women working in a range of industries. The long term aspiration is for gender equity and balance in every workplace.

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