Neighbourhood Houses Gippsland
Neighbourhood Houses Gippsland held their sector awards presentation at their AGM in November 2023. The three categories were:

Community Resilience
Climate Action
Community Development

Community Resilience

This award is for Neighbourhood Houses who have demonstrated great examples of community resilience Community resilience is how a community has responds to an adverse situation. These situations could include:

natural disasters such as bush fires, floods, heatwaves
spike in crime
spike in unemployment due to factory closures
any other events that could impact the health and wellbeing of a community


Community Resilience Award winner Loch Sport Community House House for Loch Sport Resilience & Emergency Guide Map 

​In consultation with the community, the Loch Sport Community House created a map to provide Loch Sport residents and holiday makers guidance for town emergency preparedness, resilience, knowledge ​and access to services.


Climate Action

This award is for projects, programs or initiatives which address the climate emergency on a local level.

This may include projects relating to:

  • Waste management
  • Recycling and repurposing
  • Tree and vegetation regeneration
  • Sustainable living and workplaces
  • Clean water and sanitation
  • Renewable energy
  • Awareness raising on climate change

Climate Action Award Winner Venus Bay Community Centre for the Community Resilience and Reliable Energy Feasibility Study in Venus Bay and Tarwin Lower

A comprehensive community-led and co-designed study of what community energy could look like in Venus Bay and Tarwin Lower.

Pictured is Alyson Skinner, Manager of Venus Bay Community Centre

Community Development

This award is for projects which embrace the sector’s community development principles of; community ownership, community participation, empowerment, access and equity, lifelong learning, inclusion, networking, advocacy, self-help and social action.

The winner was Morwell Neighbourhood House for The People’s Kitchen

The People’s Kitchen is an inclusive grass-roots initiative providing nutritious meals made by community, for community. Morwell Neighbourhood House has taken a holistic approach to tackling rising food insecurity – improving the health and wellbeing of people within Morwell and surrounding area, and creating a more connected community.


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