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Introduction to Canva


Canva is a free and easy-to-use online graphic design tool. Come along and learn how to use Canva in a fun, workshop environment.

Week 1: Learn how to use the Canva Basics
Week 2: How to design & create professional looking flyers and brochures
Week 3: How to design & create social media posts

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Digital Training


Unlock Your Digital Potential with Our Pre-Accredited Short Course

Welcome to our comprehensive pre-accredited short course, carefully crafted to empower you in the digital age. Delivered one day per week over a span of 9 weeks, this program is your key to acquiring and reinforcing essential computer skills.

Why Choose Our Digital Training?

Digital Training goes beyond traditional learning to equip you with the skills needed to navigate the digital world confidently. From foundational basics to intermediate proficiency, we’ve designed this course to support your journey towards workplace readiness and achieving your training goals.

What You’ll Learn?

  • Computer Basics: Master the operations and functions of a computer.
  • Work Health and Safety for Computers: Ensure a secure computing environment.
  • Online Safety: Navigate the digital space with confidence.
  • Email Efficiency: Optimise your email communication.
  • File Management: Learn effective organisation and storage.
  • My Gov: Understand the functionalities of My Gov.
  • Internet Navigation: Explore the web and web browsers.
  • Microsoft Office Skills: Gain proficiency in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint (or equivalent free products).

Scholarship Opportunity

CONGRATULATIONS! As a participant, you are eligible for a $50.00 scholarship, generously supported by ESSO Australia PTY LTD.

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Computer Help


Come and learn, and ask your questions. Please bring your laptop.

$15 per session

Personalised Tech Support


Tech Support for any type of tech, device, software or internet related problem.


-computers, laptops, mobile phones, tablets and iPads

-phone plans, apps, ID, emailing & photos

-online security & passwords

-online applications & documents

-myGov, vax and birth certificates

-police checks & working with children checks

-energy saving bonus & more

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Boost Your Workflow – Learn to use Chat GPT (AI)


This class is for anyone with basic to intermediate understanding of computers and who wants to use
Chat GPT at work, with ease. Come and learn in a friendly atmosphere and gain the skills to thrive at work effortlessly.

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Technology Club


A casual drop-in session to troubleshoot technology questions.

Bring your own device or borrow one of ours. Suitable for laptops, phones or tablets.

Free program

Intermediate Computers


Take the next step after learning the basics.

Includes extra skills in Office applications like word or excel, also could explores how to install your digital camera driver onto your computer, how to download and edit your photos ready for printing or posting onto the internet.

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Beginners Computers (including Tablets)


Want to learn more about your computer/ tablet / phone and its basic functions?

Learn how to connect to the internet, how to connect with friends and family through social networking, and downloading apps.

Mondays, Tuesdays  10am – 12pm

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Be Connected Computer Workshop


Join this class to get support so you can develop your confidence with computers. This course is for those new to computers.

Intermediate computers for work & home


You will need some basic familiarity with computers. This course covers an in-depth study of Microsoft Word and Excel applications along with an introduction to cloud computing.

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