Neighbourhood Houses Gippsland

15 Little Commercial Street, Korumburra VIC, Australia

Nationally recognised for the Hospitality, Retail, Community and Health Services, and Food Processing industries. Ideal for those seeking work or working in the hospitality industry, intending to start their own restaurant, takeaway business, childcare/aged care workers, school canteens and/or people selling food at markets.

Hospitality & Retail: This course is for people working in jobs in the hospitality or retail foods sectors including: kitchen hands, cooks, chefs, catering staff, food and beverage attendants, sandwich hands, cooking crew, canteen staff.

Food Processing Industry: Designed for food operations in businesses such as Food Production Manufacturers, Flour Mills, Canneries, Dried Food Packers, Bakers, Pasta Manufacturers, Pickle, Relish, Chutney and Condiment Producers.

Community & Health Services: Accredited Food Safety Training for Child Care Centres, Aged Care, Kindergartens, Disability Services, Hospitals, Meals on Wheels. Supervisors

Training and assessment provided by CFT International RTO # 21120

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