Neighbourhood Houses Gippsland

48- 50 Beattie Crescent, Morwell VIC 3840

The Free Store focuses on repurposing donated goods, providing low cost solutions to those most in need and reducing the quantity of unwanted goods ending up in landfill.
We encourage and celebrate the rehoming and reusing of items found at the Free Store.
Shoppers are encouraged to minimise household items going to landfill by shopping for free.
All items taken for the free store are weighed on the way out the door so we can capture exactly how much we are redirecting from landfill.
You can shop for free and while you are doing it you are decreasing waste generation by:
*Reducing non-organic and organic material going to landfill.
*Reducing the source of plastic pollution, litter and illegal dumping.

Future dates and times will be posted on our social media platforms.

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