Neighbourhood Houses Gippsland

12.00 pm - 1.00 pm Wednesdays & 11.45 am - 12.45 pm Thursdays

16 A’Beckett St Inverloch VIC 3996

Chair yoga is suitable for all abilities and postures can be varied for individuals.
Yoga connects the body and mind with the breath and strengthens the relaxation response of the nervous system.
Yoga can improve your flexibility, concentration and strength, while boosting your mood and reducing stress and joint strain.
This form of yoga can be done seated and also standing using a chair for support.
Chair yoga is a great introduction if you are new to yoga or if you have a long term health condition or are returning to yoga after having a break.
CLASSES Run for one hour with a mix of relaxation, breath techniques and physical postures.

Cost: $10.00(M) $12.00 (NM) per session
Bookings:  Contact Maree 0402 092 510

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