Neighbourhood Houses Gippsland

8.30 - 2,30

33 Station Road, Foster VIC 3960

This course teaches how to recognise and provide immediate and effective First Aid treatment to any person suffering a sudden injury or illness.

In this course you will learn: How to perform “push only” CPR How to apply and operate an AED How to administer an Autoinjector Epi-Pen for Anaphylaxis How to administer Asthma medication How to help someone with an Airway obstruction How to help someone with non-life threatening bleeding and shock What to do if someone has a chest/Abdominal injury What to do if someone has a head/Spinal injury How to help someone suffering from a seizure or stroke What to do in Bites and stings and envenomation How to bandage an injury How to help someone with a fracture, sprain or strain What to do for an eye, ear or nose injuries

You will also learn: How to take accurate details for handover to emergency services How to recognize and seek support for psychological impact to yourself and others involved Participants must have the physical capabilities to perform 2 minutes continual CPR on the ground

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